A small sized personal floating device for safety, water play and sports

"Every hour of every day more than 40 people lose their lives to drowning. Whether it is small children slipping unnoticed into a pond, pool or well; adolescents swimming under the influence of alcohol or drugs; passengers on vessels that capsize; or residents of coastal communities struck by floods, the daily toll of this leading global killer continues its quiet rise"  (source: WHO report on drowning)

Among many safety measures to decrease number of deaths by drowning WHO also recommends increased use of personal floating devices both for recreational water activities or for safety.

JELLOON was created experienced mechanical engineer, who had an accident while swimming. Suddenly, he found himself being dragged into the ocean by a strong tide and was floundering. He was very fortunate to have been saved by a lifeguard.

That experience inspired him to strive to find the best solutions and adopt only high quality materials for all Jelloon products.

JELLOON is for people who enjoy water activities such as boating, fishing, open water swimming, SUP, surfing, and so on. Always Safe!

JELLOON brand name comes from the product's first concept in the JB series, the "Jelly Balloon". This is like a jelly balloon that floats in the water like a buoy, but is flexible and can be grabbed by the user easily.

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