Through our strong partner network across the Asia Pacific region, and PRC in particular, we offer a variety of medical equipment and supplies for both professional and personal use. We are working directly with factories and suppliers which have already passed our narrow quality check during our on-site inspections. The factories in our network fulfil all certifications and export requirements, and we provide proof of certifications as well as test reports upon requests.

Please note that photos and documents etc on our site are not high end or resolution and for reference only. Please contact us for full specs and more/better photos. During the virus outbreak, both products and specs might change, but standards will remain according to EU standards (or FDA for North America).


Sourcing process

  • The Buyer presents a detailed specification of products needed, volumes estimated and shipment preferences.

  • The Asia Pacific Consulting Group(otherwise known as APCG) verifies that products match our clients’ specified requests.

  • The APCG identify suitable factories/suppliers, and present the requested product specifications, certificates and test reports.

  • The APCG CEO then completes an in-person inspection before any orders are placed. They are a fluent Putonghua and Mandarin reader, writer and speaker. This is to avoid any misunderstandings and assures trust between clients and suppliers, allowing for long-term business relations.

  • When the above conditions are met, the APCG presents the quote to the clients, including suggested delivery plans and payment terms.

  • Finally, the purchase agreement will be signed by the both parties, allowing production and shipment to proceed.