In this day and age of internet, phones and easy communication, is there really a need for a sourcing agent. We would argue that it is more important than ever, but it has to be done properly. Gone are the days with a sourcing agent in a fancy office far away from their factories with rarely any real knowledge regarding production and status on orders. These days frequent onsite presence is needed, proactive follow up during production and almost constant communication with factories.

We are your one stop sourcing partner for a wide range or products in China. With over 15 years experience and presence in China we have a solid portfolio of suppliers for all kinds of home improvement products. We can streamline your supply chain and help make purchase, production management, QC and import process much more smooth and cost efficient.

Our close relationships with suppliers give us an advantage of their support of lowest possible cost and being flexible on quantities in order to support new clients starting and growth process.

We also have strategic relation with a supplier in Japan for high end kitchen and chef knives and we hope to add more high end products from Japan factories in the near future

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